Wild Crafted Sea Moss is Everything

It's summertime!!

The best time of year for me is the time that I can be at the beach. Not only is it one of the most relaxing places on Earth, but it is one of the places with the most healing properties. 

In my culture, when people have a viral cold, it is customary to go to the sea to let the saltwater water wash the congestion out of the head. It relives stress and anxiety, soothes joint pain, and improves breathing amongst other things.

With all the healing properties of the sea, the naturally formulated Sea Moss has a higher concentration of healing. Wild Crafted Sea Moss, which is a form of Algae, can be consumed and promotes a world of health benefits.

Let's get into what healing properties we can expect to get from Sea Moss

First of all, Sea Moss is naturally made of 92 vitamins and minerals. With the human body being composed of 102 minerals, you can easily see it is a great all-around supplement. 

Other benefits include:

Thyroid Regulation- Sea moss contains thyroid hormones that will help regulate and produce healthy hormones.

Neurological regulations- Sea Moss has enzymes that help to reduce oxidative stress and regulate brain function.

Joint and Muscle pain Reliver- Sea Moss is high in anti-inflammatory Propeties that soothe pain when applied topically.

Fertility Regulation- Sea Moss is rich in folate which is a mineral necessary for conception.

Weight Management- Sea Moss is a known appetite suppressant that provides "full" feeling when consumed. 

Supports Heart Health- Sea Moss is a high source of antioxidants and high in Omega 3 Fatty to reduce high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Promotes Blood Circulation- Sea Moss is High in iodine which allows oxygen to permeate the blood cells and flow correctly and reduce blood clotting.

Promotes healthy hair and skin- Sea Moss is High in minerals to soothe skin and scalp irritation and repair damaged hair while providing moisture and sheen for healthy glow.

Boost Energy- Supports immune system to fight viral infections and reduce tiredness

Boost Sex Drive- Sea Moss increases testosterone levels in men for increased libido and improving estrogen levels in women that govern sex drive.

So, with all these different health benefits of Sea Moss, you should definitely want to add it into your health regimen. 

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